About This Course

This five-week course features weekly live video sessions with the instructor plus resources and readings.

Week 1

Climate Change: The Turn of a Century

Setting the stage for the massive changes of the next hundred years, we explore the social, political, and environmental climates at the turn of 1300.

Week 2

Power and Pride: A Continent at War

This week, we take a look at the Hundred Years War, the Scottish Wars of Independence, and how new strategies and technologies changed medieval warfare.

Week 3

The Threat of Extinction: The Black Death

In this week’s lesson, we delve into one of the most devastating events in human history, examining new scientific research, as well as first-hand accounts of the Black Death.

Week 4

Rising in Rebellion: Peasants and Priests

In this century of rebellion, it wasn’t just the peasants who pushed back against the status quo. This week, we explore both peasant rebellions, and priestly ones.

Week 5

Out of the Ashes: Art and Culture on the Eve of Print

Amid the turmoil of the fourteenth century arose some of the most influential and beautiful art and literature of the Middle Ages. This week, we look at the rise of the vernacular, and changes in aesthetics as the medieval period nears its end.

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Meet Your Instructor

Danièle Cybulskie

As a writer, TEDx speaker, former college professor, and podcaster, Danièle has made medieval history fun, entertaining, and accessible for millions of people around the world. As well as introducing a general audience to the fascinating world of the Middle Ages, her books, articles, videos, and weekly podcasts have been used as resources in schools and universities across North America. Danièle’s mission is to share the joy of history by highlighting our common humanity across time and space. When she’s not reading, writing, or recording, Danièle can be found drinking tea, doing Krav Maga, or sometimes building a backyard trebuchet.

What Danièle's students say

““The Medieval Masterclass got me excited for my next project. Daniele's enthusiasm for all things Medieval was really infectious. She is a mine of knowledge and willing to go out of her way to find answers to every question raised.””

““This was a lot of fun…. Danièle's enthusiasm is very contagious.””

““This course was a great way to expand my knowledge as well as challenge some of my preexisting ideas about the Medieval Period.””

Sneak Peek: Danièle talks about history in three dimensions